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Providing uninterrupted service since 1993, making a name for itself in the sector with its expert staff, with 27 years of experience and 98% success average, it aims to reduce the frustration and difficulties experienced by Turkish citizens and customers with a foreign passport who have a residence permit or visa in Turkey, in visa applications. The visa application center, which facilitates the visa process with its 27 years of experience, by systematically evaluating the complex and difficult processes such as obtaining a visa, filling out a form, and making an appointment, which is known to be complex and difficult for all countries where Turkish citizens travel with a visa, represents you at the relevant consulates and asks you to get your visa as soon as possible. provides.

Filling the visa application forms in the required language, writing the relevant petitions, removing unnecessary information, taking the requested documents from you and sending them to the relevant consulate, creating a file, identifying missing documents, making an appointment with you, and making your hotel and flight reservations are very high in processes. with a success rate.

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